Plunger Lubrication by Drop + Spray

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Lubrication Unit: Consisting of a lubricant reservoir made of stainless steel, equipped with solenoid valves and volumetric metering pump. Designed to mount on the wall or on the machine near injection area.
Control: PLC with integrated HMI to control valves, metering pump and the specified cycle, from the signal received from the injection machine.
Lubricant Tank: Tank with 19 liter capacity with superior lid and visual detector level.


Plunger Lubrication Combi-Lub

The Combi-Lub oil lubrication system responds to the fundamental need to improve the quality in the injection phase of the die casting process. It was developed in conjunction with the Ring system. When applied with the purposely developed lubricant, this system demonstrates great improvements in piston/ring life time and in environmental performances.



The high viscosity lubricant is applied with a volumetric pump through a mixer on a distributor on the ring. Through a pre-established program, the lubricant is either:
- dropped on ring and
- additional sprayed in the sleeve by a atomising


• vaporization over the complete inner surface of the sleeve
• constant lubricant dosage via the volumetric-injection pump
• fully programmable lubrication cycle
• longer life time of sleeve, piston and rings
• environment friendly – requires less than 3,5 g/m2 of ALS 192 or ALS 196 lubricant
• invariable quality for structure and weldability castings
• clean working environment

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